Double row Denester


Denesting of thin trays pose a challenge in that the material is alive and do not form stable.

The edges _ do not always have the same curve or there are other shape variations.

With this separation unit you are guaranteed functionality and reliability. Unlike a screw denester the trays will not interlock the have the same in the case of shape variations. When a tray has been separated from the above a vacuum unit pulls the released tray down to a conveyor belt. If the trays have dislocated or for some reason do not follow the vacuum puller in the first try, it is very likely that the jammed will follow in the second or third attempt. It is therefore not necessary to stop and empty the denester to continue in case of tray dislocation.

Denesting speed may vary depending on the shape and design of the trays. Very soft trays may have a tendency to create a tight seal against each other, thereby creating a vacuum that prevents quick separation.


The denester is available in a single and a double version. Both versions have the same control system and mechanical drive system. The only difference is the additional sensors for the extra lane.

The denesting unit can be provided with the ability to handle different trays. Switch between tray types takes max 5 min. Contact JOP Engineering for more info.


Depending on the type of tray _ there is a difference in the construction of the infeed. For very thin and unstable trays the infeed is designed so the bottom trays are not influenced by the weight of the stack .

For more stable trays the infeed only functions as a guide to ensure a straight vertical stack.

Infeed buffer:Tray_dispencer

Depending on requirements, automatic infeed that provides longer operating time without operator intervention can be supplied.


Depending on requirements, the denester is available in the following configurations:

  1. Single-row denester, stand alone
  2. Double-row denester, stand alone


  1. Vacuum puller with combined stand
  2. Infeed without stack weight compensation
  3. Infeed with stack weight compensationTray_dispencer
  4. Automatically infeed