Technical Construction

Construction assistance / Customized solutions

If  you need new development or general construction assistance for shorter or longer duration we can be of assistance.

Through our years of experience we have had contact with a myriad of industries and sectors, in particular .:

-Food processing (handling, weighing, packing)
-Wind power (Testing, measuring and handling equipment),
-Productions (Robot handling, welding, assembly equipment, laser-cutting and – welding)
-Load cell technology (Strain Gauge, load pins) and much more

Due to working on a broad area of products, we have become very versatile  when it comes to new developments and special designs, as we always try to put together the best proven solutions with new and up-to-date technology to provide new and reliable technology.

We use SolidWorks as our primary CAD application.
We happily participate as part of a team as construction assistance or working with new developments.

If you need assistance please call: 81 71 86 16 for more information.